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    January 20, 2019
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    Prepaid Electricity Houston -


    Residential Electric Power – Prepaid, No Deposit, No Credit Check

    Texas Premier Prepaid Electricity!
    Texas has many prepaid companies competing for customers, but there is only ONE prepaid company with simple guidelines and ton of benefits!

    Prepaid companies give customers another option at turning on power without paying huge deposits or having to sign long-term contracts. Today’s prepaid companies are filled with gimmick rates, hidden fees, and no plan benefits. But there’s another way prepaid electricity is done that doesn’t involve all these hassles or surprises – and that is the Pronto Power way.

    At Pronto Power, we DON’T require credit checks, your social security number, or ask for unaffordable deposits to turn on your electricity. For as little as $19.99, Pronto Power will have your power on within the hour. No need to have good credit or sign long term contracts to get a good rate. Pronto Power offers the best prepaid rates in the state of Texas without the other nonsense competitors put you through.

    Pronto Power understands it’s not just about offering the lowest prepaid electricity rates in Texas, we also provide the best customer service that offers:

    Account protections until payday, if you need them
    Deferred Payment Plans on high balances
    NO disconnection or connection fees
    Second chance credit for monthly billing
    Refer A Friend – both of you get $20

    Prepaid Electricity Houston TX

    Ready to start?
    Just call 1-(844) 268-9982 , say “Power Me Pronto!,” and make your $19.99 payment. This is not a fee! Your funds go directly into your prepaid account toward the cost of your electricity.

    How It Works When You Choose Pronto Power’s Cheap Electric Service
    Pronto Power does NOT require a credit check, a deposit, or social security number to get Fast, Affordable, Innovative, and Reliable (F.A.I.R.) electricity. 99% of our customers get their power on within the first hour…how’s that for pronto/fast? The best part is there are no fees for priority connection. And hey, you get cheap electricity rates too.

    How does prepaid/pay-as-you-go electricity work?

    Ever hear of the acronym “K.I.S.S.” – “Keep It Super Simple?”

    Pronto Power works just that way. Once you sign up with Pronto Power, you will receive daily messages either by email or text (or both, if you like). The message tells you how many kilowatts you have used, and the balance on your account.

    Just check out the actual account examples.

    As long as your account has a positive balance over 1 cent (when we bill at 7 a.m.), you will have service. Say you find yourself in a jam and cannot make a payment. Simply call in before 1 p.m. the same day and ask for a free extension.

    How Simple and Great Does that Sound? Ready to See the Plans Now?
    What separates Pronto Power from all the other prepaid companies is our plans will not nickel and dime you to paying more. Most companies use gimmicks, tricks, or hidden fees to be competitive. We use old-fashioned customer service and common sense. When we say you get cheap electricity with Pronto Power, we mean it.

    Would You Like To Get Back Into Monthly Billing?
    Pronto Power’s second chance credit works like this:

    Cheapest Prepaid Electricity Houston TX

    We believe in the 90 days same-as-credit model. Once your account starts, and you go 90 days without a disconnection, we will get you back into monthly billing without a social security number or deposit. And there’s no credit check. Keep in mind that with Pronto Power’s FREE extensions, you never have a reason to be disconnected again.

    Ready to start?
    Sound good? Get started now! Call 1-(844) 268-9982 .

    Texas Prepaid Lights Electricity
    Address: 9621 Flowering Spring tr, Crowley, TX 76036
    Phone: (844) 241-9408




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